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Food Retail Design regularly takes a tour through town to stay up to date with current trends and developments in the area of food retail. We combined the most fun, innovative and inspiring concepts into the Food Retail Tour.


During the day they take you on a trip past 10 food retail concepts in Amsterdam and they give a whole new take on the grocery store. What need do they satisfy? Why this assortment? How do you realize durable business? How can you grow as a store? What happens behind the scenes (logistics, study, marketing)? Just a few questions that get answered (together with the entrepreneur or owner) during the tour.


The Food Retail Tour of today is different than that of next month. New surprising concepts get developed every day in Amsterdam. This means that after the tour you know about all the current trends and developments in the area of food retail.


The day starts at the office on the Prinsengracht (easily reachable from Amsterdam CS) and also ends here. Afterwards you get a booklet with pictures of the stores we visited. We lunch at an inspiring place in the center of Amsterdam and in the morning and afternoon you can get (great) coffee here.


If there are any special wishes the tour can be customized to this. Maybe you want to start a bakery, or a convenience concept? Or a merger of a grocery store and coffee shop. Rick & Ties can show you the locations where you can get knowledge and inspiration in the area you want.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We would love to hear from you!


Food Retail Tour


To be determined
10am – 4pm


Prinsengracht 754


Available on request


Amsterdam Retail experts
Rick Porcelijn and
Ties van Veelen