De Glutenvrije Winkel

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Did you know that one in a hundred people in Holland are gluten intolerant but only one in eight people know they are. Nowadays it’s also a hype so more and more stores and restaurants offer glutenfree options in their menu.
But it’s still not very easy to find one place that offers everything you can imagine in the field of glutenfree food or where you can eat without worrying about any chance of gluten in your dish. You often have to search for the little area with gluten free alternatives, if the shop even offers it.
The owner of ‘De Glutenvrije Winkel’, Nadia, discovered that her son has the celiac desease when he was 1,5 years. So she decided to open ‘De Glutenvrije Winkel’. A shop, a restaurant and knowledge center in one where everyone who is gluten intolerant doesn’t have to worry about anything and can shop and enjoy food stress free.
This glutenfree shop is one of a kind and the only 100% glutenfree store in Amsterdam since 2015. They have their own bakery in the store where they freshly bake pastries and bread but they also coorporate with several fresh suppliers.

‘De Glutenvrije Winkel’ is located far in the East of Amsterdam but definitely worth a visit. You can find literally everything in this store and enjoy all guilty pleasure foods you can think of. Pancakes, waffles, muffins, freshly baked bread, pasta, cookies, spices, sauces, you name it, they have it.



Pretoriusstraat 37
1092 EZ Amsterdam



Monday, Sunday: closed
Tuesday to Saturday: 9:30 to 17:30