Buurtboerderij ‘Ons genoegen’

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Peaceful place,

in a green space serving nicely priced healthy food. Buurtboerderij has its own little community run by volunteers and customers of De Regenboog Groep, offering everything from food & drinks, to yoga and shopping.
Join one of their classes to enhances well-being, brings communities together and shares knowledge. The food is tasty and wholesome, served through a self-service system which creates a homely atmosphere and sense of unity.

Shopping without pay

Check out the Bargain shop where you can ‘purchase’ up to five items for free. If you feel like it you can help stock the shop by donating some of your own bits and bobs.
It’s a great escape from the busy streets of Amsterdam, watch over the surrounding green land and relax in tranquillity.

Live Music

Drink coffee in the garden overlooking the sheep meadow. From Tuesday to Sunday they serve three-course meals at 6.30 pm for € 9.50 per person.
Every Friday evening and Sunday afternoon there is (free) live music in our cosy café

Spaarndammerdijk 319
020 337 6820

Opening hours
Tue – 10 till 10
Wed – 10 till 10
Thur – 10 till 10
Fri – 10 till 12
Sat – 10 till 10
Sun – 09 till09