Beter & Leuk

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In the east of Amsterdam in a quite busy area with lots of traffic and high buildings, you can still find a peaceful spot at Beter & Leuk. The name literally means ‘better and fun’ and that’s a perfect way to describe the food they’re offering. With lots of glutenfree, vegan and healthy options on their menu it is more fun to eat and better for the environment as it comes to the ingredients they’re using. It is also possible to have dinner at their seperate take away shop. Here you can sit down and enjoy a healthy meal as well or take it away to have dinner at home. Everything is home made and the interior is very playful and colourful. You can also shop for clothes or accessories from Indie Brands; a selection of small independant brands which are  ‘innovative in that they often reinvent a familiar product or find new ways to market their goods or make changes in the method of production’.  So Beter & Leuk certain is worth  a visit for a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner and maybe an original gift!


Eerste Oosterparkstraat 73
1091 GW Amsterdam


Monday to Friday 8:30 to 17:00
Saturday, Sunday: 9:30 to 17:00