Alchemist Garden

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Alchemist Garden

facilitates people and their environment in the most conscious, healthy and sustainable way possible: consistently aiming for quality and inspired by the understanding of nature, they are guided by the unique and simple qualities of its elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether.

Their juice & salad bar, cafe, restaurant, shop and centre invites without words. Algemist Garden tickle your senses, provoke your curiosity and excite you to get in touch with and be guided by your body; to experience and discover what suits you. Smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing are key.


is the path to truth, value and direction; yours that is. Discover and experience the Alchemist Garden is what’s good for you. Discover your own magic vehicle; it’s your best guide, if not your only one. Discover that your environment is a reflection of you.

Alchemist Garden facilitates abundance. It’s a place to meet. A hatch of passion from all who visit and nourishes her. Reciprocity and diversity form the foundation of their house.

Welcome in your life! Welcome in your body! Welcome in Alchemist Garden!



Overtoom 409
1054 JP Amsterdam


Opening hours

Monday  09AM–9PM
Tuesday  09AM–9PM
Wednesday  09AM–9PM
Thursday  09AM–9PM
Friday  09AM–9PM
Saturday  09AM–9PM
Sunday  12AM–9PM


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